"God Only Knows" gets a (Timbaland Remix)!

Posted on Tuesday, Jul 2, 2019 by Music News

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Surrounded by a ton of anticipation and excitement, the recently released  "God Only Knows (Timbaland Remix)" by for KING & COUNTRY + Echosmith does not disappoint!

In this Behind the Music, check out what Joel & Luke Smallbone have to say about their collaboration with Timbaland and Sydney (lead singer Echosmith)...

"We have been talking to Timbaland for about a year, and once we released 'God Only Knows' we sent it over. He and his team had a unique interpretation of the song sonically that we hadn’t anticipated. And not only that, but then to have Sydney so excitedly agree to sing on it and give a voice to all of the females listening was extra special… particularly since the original music video’s story is portrayed by a woman. And crazily enough, within a week of our conversations beginning we had Sydney’s vocal recorded and thus... this remix was born."

What follows is the Official Music Video for the Timbaland Remix, the Song Journey Video and the Official Lyric Video (trust us - they are worth the look and listen!):


"We performed in Southern California and Sydney (Echosmith) was gracious enough to join us on 'God Only Knows' and tell a dramatized story... that we all have our tough days, but pushing through is so important."

                                      - for KING & COUNTRY 


"You keep a cover over every single secret
So afraid if someone saw them, they would leave

But somebody, somebody, somebody sees you
Somebody, somebody will never leave you

God only knows what you been through
God only knows what they say about you
God only knows how it's killing you
But there's a kind of a love that, God only knows"

  lyrics from "God Only Knows" by for KING & COUNTRY


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