devotional series by: Hope Darst  day one

Posted on Monday, May 11, 2020 by Air1 Worship Now Blog

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Day One


Mark 4:35 (NIV) 
That day when evening came, he said to his disciples, 
“Let us go over to the other side.”  

When I began writing this devotional, I knew this story in Mark’s gospel pretty well. How the disciples freaked out about the storm and Jesus woke up to calm the wind, and corrected the disciples for having little faith. But what I kept coming back too was the beginning of the story. 

The disciples got in the boat. After a long day of preaching, Jesus said to the disciples “let’s go over to the other side”. A boat was the only way. A boat that would have to journey out into the middle of the sea to get to the other side, where there was obvious potential of a storm. Did the disciples say, “That’s too dangerous. We can’t go. Let’s stay here?” No, they jumped in the boat and started the journey. They didn’t have their eyes fixated on all the things that “could go wrong”, they just had a goal - get to the other side. 

Have you ever felt God ask you to go on a journey with Him…a new job, move to a new city, start a new venture, go back 
to school, etc.? In my experience, I’ve often wanted to just get to the “other side” of it. Move past the beginning when it’s new, uncomfortable, hard or painful. I don’t want to have to go on a journey. I just want to get to the good part or get it over with. I think the disciples in a way, kind of did the same thing. They were so fixated on just getting to where they wanted to be, they didn’t consider that the journey across the sea was just as important as the destination. 

When we choose to follow Jesus and go on a journey with Him, He knows what we are going to face. When the disciples got in the boat, Jesus knew there was going to be a storm. He also knew the storm would reveal the actual condition of their hearts and level of trust in Him. Jesus knew that the storm wouldn’t destroy them. He knew they would get to the other side. 

And that other side...its the place where the demon-possessed man was delivered, the dead girl was raised to life and the woman with the issue of blood was healed. The other side is where miracles would happen.

In your life right now, you might be stepping into something (a boat of sorts) fully trusting God to lead you into greater things or you might be in the middle of a massive storm that feels like it’s going to drown you. But let me encourage you, either way, you are not alone. Jesus is in the boat with you and He knows that the storm will not destroy you and you will get to the other side. 

Hold on. The storm is going to die down. Peace is with you and there are miracles ahead for you on the other side!


God, it is so easy for me to get overwhelmed in the journey of life. It’s so easy to forget that You are the greatest captain and faithful leader. You would never invite me on a journey that doesn’t ultimately take me to where You planned. Today, I choose to trust that Your plans are for me and that You have good things in store for me. I will stay the course, trusting You along the way and believing that there are miracles and victories waiting up ahead. Amen. 


Daily Scripture

Jeremiah 29:11 (The Message) 
I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord. They are plans for peace and not disaster plans to give you a future filled with hope.”

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