Favorite Core Value: In His Strength - It's not about us.

If Michelle Riddell, Vice President of Digital Communications, were to sum up what she does at K-LOVE and Air1 Radio it would be condensed to the following:

“I'm here to build leaders within EMF Broadcasting and the team I oversee is here to tap into the power of social engagement, so that God's message is received by as many people as possible.”

Bringing more than fifteen years of technology and strategic management experience with her, Michelle joined the ministry on December 1, 2009.

In the years since she's served as a leader within several teams, including Design Services, Listener Services and Digital Media. In 2017, she became the Vice President of Digital Communications and a member of EMF's Executive Committee.

Michelle weaves the precept “how you do anything is how you do everything” throughout her interactions with the teams she oversees. Her anything and everything includes showing up in all areas of her life with consistency, love and integrity.

With that in mind, she leads the following teams:

  • Digital Communications
  • Creative Services
  • Listener Services

Michelle is passionate about the message shared on K-LOVE and Air1 and has first-hand experience with God's ability to encourage His people through a song, it happened to her...

During a tough season in her life, she remembers driving around town and suddenly needing to pull over because of the tears streaming down her face. She recalls the comfort she felt as Mac Powell's voice came over the radio, singing the words from Third Day's song “Revelation.”

It was a pivotal moment.

“The music just helped me and I don't think I ever turned away from K-LOVE after that. K-LOVE would just be there ministering to me and pointing me to the Lord.”

Michelle lives on a lake in Northern California with her husband, Eric. When not working, or relaxing by the lake, she can often be found rafting, backpacking and camping throughout the breathtaking landscape that surrounds them.