The design for Mike Novak's life was in place before his birth, but the weaving of it began when he was attending Modesto Junior College in Modesto, California. He needed an elective and a friend suggested a broadcasting class. As part of the class, he hosted a weekly radio show on the college station. He had the voice, and he was good at it.

Radio seeped its way into Mike's blood, and he dropped his plan to get a degree in agronomy to take a job as weekend announcer at KYOS, an adult contemporary station in Merced, California. After six months, Mike was offered a full-time position as afternoon drive announcer at rock 'n' roll station KDON in Salinas. This was no small feat for someone new to radio.

It wasn't long before Mike stepped into a plumb job at KFRC in San Francisco, the Top 40 radio phenomenon in northern California in the 70s and 80s. Eventually, Novak was named assistant program director in addition to his stint as afternoon drive announcer. After working for KFRC and various other stations, Mike spent 11 years at Country KSON, the top station in San Diego, before accepting a job at K-LOVE in 1998.

Mike looks back at his successful broadcasting career with thankfulness. He had no idea that God was preparing him to help a team of people to transform a Christian music ministry into a successful radio network. From his time as a K-LOVE on-air personality and Program Director to be named K-LOVE's Senior Vice President in 2004, Mike's impressive radio pedigree and passion for sharing the gospel has uniquely prepared him for the role change in 2007 to his current position as K-LOVE's CEO.

All in all, Mike is extremely happy with his life and he feels as though it has finally come together. As of January 1, 2018, Mike married Cheri Novak and they are beginning their new life together with God at the center of their relationship.