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  • What is an Air1 Pledge Drive?

  • The Air1 Difference is…

    • Most Radio stations play an average of 18 Commercials an hour.  Not at Air1 
      • This means we can play more songs every hour than most radio stations.
    • At Air1 we’re supported by your monthly donation and a few select businesses.
      • Air1 is not supported by a small group of large donors, a giant corporation, or some big church. Most people like you support Air1 with $40.00 per month.

    So what does my monthly support pay for?

    • Keeping the station on the air ~ Programming, business expenses, maintenance, processing, etc.
    • Music ~ Air1 is an outlet for music like no other. While playing music on the radio sounds simple it’s actually quite costly due to publishing rights, royalties, streaming fees, etc.
    • Pastors ~ We have 8 Full time Pastors on staff who are on call 24/7/365. These are not volunteers Pastors… they are full time staff members. Our Pastors field nearly 40,000 calls per month ranging from simple needs to life threatening issues including suicide. They also provide FREE Crisis Response training for first responders like police and firefighters in your city.
    • Other Ministries ~ Air1 also supports other ministries by providing free air time, web, and social media exposure all free of charge.
    • Expansion ~ Air1 has grown over 200% in the last 3 years alone and it’s because of you!

    What’s an EZ Gift?

    • The EZ gift is basically a monthly “auto-pay” using a credit or debit card. This actually saves Air1 money and makes your gift go even farther!  
    • Your $40 a month EZ Gift makes Air1 possible ... Plus, you'll provide shoes for a child in need through Buckner Shoes for Orphan Souls.  

    So what is a Challenge anyway?

    • This is when Air1 listeners are “challenged” to meet various conditions during pledge drive (ex: if 100 people to make a $40EZ gift during 1 song, a $10,000 gift will be given to Air1). The challenge fund is built by generous donors whose gifts are used to inspire other listeners give. 
    • The challenge gift is only added to the pledge drive goal if the condition of the challenge is met. 
      • If you are interested in making a challenge gift, please call 888-937-2471

    Are my donations Tax Deductible?

    • Yes! Air1 is governed by the Educational Media Foundation (EMF), a 501(c) 3 not-for-profit ministry

    I have other questions can I call and ask? 

    We’re here to serve you, your family, and the your community in any way possible.

    YOU Make Air1 Possible!

    Still have questions? Visit our FAQ page.