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  • The Digital Age - Captured

  • The Digital Age is one of the newest bands on Air1. Watch their acoustic performance of "Captured" from their debut album Evening:Morning. (Amazon | iTunes), Read more about the band below.


    If you think the band The Digital Age looks familiar, you may be on to something. Formally members of the David Crowder*Band- Jack Parker, Jeremy "B-Wack" Bush, Mike "Mike D" Dodson, and Mark "the Shark" Waldrop, set out to make a record that maintained the best of their longtime band, while putting a unique and fresh spin on their music.

    "The Digital Age mission picks up where we left off," Mark Waldrop says. "It's alt rock that's compelling lyrically and musically, and we're still obsessed with the concept record. So we're carrying over what we did before. This is all we know, to write together and work together. It feels new, but a lot of it is a carry over; it's not too huge a departure."

    Their debut album Evening:Morning (August 13, 2013) is full of themes of rebirth and entering into a new creation, as apparent with their single "Captured.” “As we were transitioning from the David Crowder*Band to The Digital Age and entering into a new creation, this song addresses that theme,” Mark explains. “When we are captured and captivated by God's love, we are truly set free and living life the way we're supposed to live. That contrast is a cool place to live as a Christian, where you're being tugged between the realm of here and the realm of God. We're striving for God, but we're constantly being pulled here. There's a tug of war going on. As a new band, there's a lot of newness and oldness going on but the only center is Christ. That's where we're living.”

    Embarking on this new phase of life, the Waco, Texas based band decided to focus the album around the concept of bringing death to life. "The final Crowder record was a requiem mass," Mark says. "So, we thought it would make sense to progress from uncertainty and weariness to a place of rebirth and hopefulness.”

    The tracks for Evening:Morning were written in a quasi-conceptual, temporal fashion, moving through the night to the morning- 7:00 PM to 7:00 AM. All 12 songs on the album, represent one hour of the night. “The album is characterized by a sound that is both unique and familiar at the same time,” Mark explains. “We call it alternative Church music, and blend with modern melodic soundscapes and interesting electronic sounds with reverent and personal lyrics. We're just trying to honor our calling to keep writing songs for the Church that is relevant and interesting to us musically.”

    The Digital Age is currently headlining a nationwide tour, featuring the pop group Bellarive. The band’s hope is that they can break down barriers, and continue to reach more people with their music. “We want our worship music to mirror bands like Mumford & Sons and fun,” says Mark. “Those bands have pop-cultural significance. We believe that's when our music is at its best. We want people outside of the church to say ‘oh, that's Church music?’ We're just as musical and artistic. We just love worship music.”

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