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  • Third Day "I Need A Miracle"

    Third Day’s latest song, “Your Love is Like a River,” off their album Miracle, (November 6, 2012), is a song that paints a powerful picture of the love of Christ.

    "It's one of my favorite song on the album, and a lot of that has to do with the three attributes of God- that His love is like river, a fire, and a rock, " says Third Day’s drummer Dave Carr. "When I think of a river I think of something that is constantly flowing. It's dependable, it's powerful, and it cuts its own path. God is a lot like that, and his love is like that, it goes where it goes and it's impossible to stop it."

    “Your Love is Like a River,” follows the band's powerful single, “I Need a Miracle,” off the same album. Third Day first came together back in the 90’s when Mac Powell (lead vocals), and Mark Lee (guitar), were playing at a church on the same night as Tai Anderson (bass) and David Carr (drums). The four had an immediate chemistry and shortly after formed the band Third Day.

    Now, the band has been making music for nearly two decades and continues to strive to reach listeners with their songs.“We made our music and had some great opportunities to play for people inside of Christian music and outside,” Mac says. “And I think we're just always a band that's going to want to have their music reach more we just make our music and see what happens.”

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    Third Day "Your Love is Like a River"