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  • Aaron Gillespie - We Were Made For You

    Aaron Gillespie, the 27 year old singer and songwriter for The Almost, got his start in music as a drummer for Christian rock band Underoath at the age of 14. He stayed with the band for 13 years until he joined The Almost last year as their lead singer.

    As The Almost’s popularity continues to rise, Aaron wanted to create a separate album that was more focused on worship. The first song from that album, “We Were Made For You,” focuses on the relationship between God and man. “I love that God wants us to know Him, that we were put here as missional people to serve God and point others to Him,” explains Aaron.

    Aaron’s heart for serving God and reaching others is evident outside his music as well. He took a missions trip to Africa which changed his perception of being “rich,” and just returned back from another life-changing trip from Haiti.

    “I went to (Africa) as a rich American expecting to fix something in their world. But we are the ones who need fixing. I’ve learned that God’s goodness is an anthem that will play forever.”

    Aaron Gillespie - We Were Made For You