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  • The City Harmonic "I Have A Dream (It Feels Like Home)"

    In addition to the success of "Manifesto" featuring the Lord's Prayer in its lyrics, The City Harmonic has gained appeal through its energetic live shows and the depth its music brings. The Canadian-based group has also gathered a lot of popularity in the United Kingdom, and "I Have A Dream (It Feels Like Home)" is the title track off their new album that released in October (Amazon | iTunes).

    “At the album’s heart is the overarching theme of brokenness and redemption, of light and dark, the unveiling of something bigger and better than ourselves,” explains vocalist/songwriter and pianist Elias Dummer. “The dream, like Martin Luther King’s, is that there is another way…the eventual truth that we will awaken, just as Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz awakened from her dream, to find ourselves home at last.”

    The name of the band, “The City Harmonic,” is symbolic of the members, all working individually for a focused cause, together creating a sound that worships God.

    “As we work together, we can bring hope,” states bassist Eric Fusilier. “As we contribute each of our own parts to make this sound, there’s something greater that’s birthed out of it. And that’s part of the DNA of what The City Harmonic is about.”

    The City Harmonic "I Have A Dream (It Feels Like Home)"