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  • Manafest - Never Let You Go

    Manafest - Never Let You Go

    Manafest (aka Chris Greenwood) releases his pain and hurt of his father's suicide through his latest album Fighter featuring "Never Let You Go," reminding us to get back up after being knocked down by life's troubles.

    After his father took his own life when Chris Greenwood was five years old, Chris struggled with insecurity as a child. He took solace in a successful skateboarding career until an injury cut it short, further questioning his own capabilities. Music eventually became his rock, and he has used it as a platform to reach others who may have gone through similar loss.

    “My mom dragged me to church after my father’s passing; faith in God has helped me through a lot,” he says on his official website. “'Never Let You Go' is more of a ballad, something one of the producers was already working on, a little out of the box for me. But I thought I could freak this in a Manafest way."

    Manafest - Never Let You Go