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  • Sanctus Real - Promises

    Sanctus Real "Promises"

    Sanctus Real's latest song "Promises," off their upcoming album (February 5, 2013), was inspired by a conversation that lead singer Matt Hammitt had with a friend after his son Bowen was diagnosed with a heart condition called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS). Matt’s friend reminded him to “hold on to the Promises he has in God,” and from there, the song was born.

    Like “Promises,” most of the band’s music comes out of personal experiences. “We believe the best music comes when you're open and honest about what's inside you,” says Matt. “It's always been a no-brainer for us to sing about what we believe. That's where our inspiration comes from.” He continues: “It’s been incredible to see how God can use something so small to minister to people who are going through really difficult challenges like drug rehab or surviving an affair and working to put their marriages back together. Whether our failures are big or small, we are truly forgiven. The truth is, forgiveness is the foundation of everything we are. It’s where our faith starts and finishes.”

    Sanctus Real came together in the early nineties in the town of Toledo, Ohio. Like many greats before them, the band (consisting of Matt Hammitt, Chris Rohman, Dan Gartley, Pete Prevost, and Mark Graalman) spent many hours practicing in a garage and even the performed their first concert in the back of a warehouse. Known by many as “the band with the strange name,” they call themselves Sanctus Real for a reason, “‘Sanctus’ is Latin for holy. And ‘real.’ came out of the answer to the question, ‘What has God called you to do as a band?’” drummer Mark Graalman explained to Air 1. “The answer would just be to be real, and be honest about the fact that we are on stage simple by his grace.”

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    Sanctus Real - Promises