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    Congratulations to Jennifer Hagebusch and Michele Henry! They've won Building 429's album Listen to the Sound (Amazon | iTunes) and will join Building 429 and Food For The Hungry on one of Building 429’s "vision trips" to the Dominican Republic! While there, they will see the work Food For The Hungry is doing and meet children that have benefited from the sponsorship programs. Here's Jennifer's story:

    After trying to get pregnant for over 10 years, I was set to deliver my first baby in October of 2009. My mom, dad, and grandma came down to be with me and husband during the birth of our baby. Everything was going as planned and I had my baby. One week after having my beautiful baby girl, while they were here in Texarkana my mom, dad, and grandma got hit by an 18 wheeler. My mom and grandma were killed in the wreck. My friends Michele and Brian Henry took over our business and ran it for us during our breavement. When all 6 of my brothers and their families came to Texarkana, Michele and Brian fed us dinner every night for a week at their church. There is no way that I can ever repay what they did for me. But they love Building 429 and I know that they would love to go on a mission trip. They are true examples of God's light in a very dark place.

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    Air1 Radio is listener supported. Thanks to our promotional partners, we never have to use the financial support of our listeners to pay for any prizes we give away! Thanks to Building 429 and Food For The Hungry for their sponsorship.

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    The qualifing stories

    When I was 4, Sandy came into my life. One of the volunteer grandma's at the kindergarten center pointed me out to her and said, "That little girl might be up for adoption soon." So Sandy and her husband took the foster parenting classes and when I was 5 became my foster parents. I had entered the "system" right before my 4th birthday and had a lot of confusion and nightmares, and was extremely ADD, and had absolutely no discipline and was did not like being told what to do. Even through all the anger, learning disabilities and separation anxiety, Sandy and Bob have loved me. When my biological parents gave up their parental rights when I was six, Sandy started working on adopting me. Every day for a year, she would call the adoption center. Eventually, when on May 26, 1995, my adoption was finalized. I am now 23, a senior in college, and am majoring in Early Childhood Education, so that I can influence kids and give hope and love to young children like she did for me. She gave me love when I felt alone. I would never have been able to succeed this far if I hadn't had her in my life. She has been an advocate for me in all things. I know I don't show my appreciation enough, so Sandy/Mom, I love you and thank you for all that you have done for me and the hope you give me.
    -Sandy from Tulsa, OK

    Cheryl and I were on a worship team together in Iowa. Our family had lost my father-in-law 3 weeks prior to the day that I won't forget. It was a Sunday and my husband was working in Wyoming while I was in Iowa with our 9 children. We got home from church and I was relaxing in my family room. The phone rang. It was my brother Troy, his words still echo in my head "Nikki, Coral is dead". Coral is my oldest brother, he was 41 when he took his own life. I remember screaming and falling to my knees over and over. I didn't know who to call, so I called Cheryl. She was at a family reunion but she still answered her phone. She dropped everything, left the reunion and came and sat with me, prayed with me and let me cry. Two deaths in 3 weeks, both unexpected and tragedies. And Cheryl saw me through both of them. She stayed with me that day and brought pop from her family to my kids. She was my stability that day. I know she doesn't think she did anything to help me, but,her kindness stuck with me. During the hardest time for me, she was a rock. She continues to be a support for me and a prayer partner even though we live in seperate states. I want to thank her for the hope she shared with me and continues to share.
    -Cheryl from Ottumwa, IA

    I'm a young single-mother of three. A few years back I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia/IBS, which caused intense pain and fatigue. Severe depression and discouragment set in from all the limitations and pain I endured daily, sometimes keeping me bedridden. Angie stepped in and started offering to cook meals,clean house, do our laundry even care for our pets. She helped immensely with my children, as well. She's a God-send, even sacrificng her wants to serve my family. When I had no strength to believe in myself; to even whisper a prayer she'd pray with me or slip a handmade card with Scripture on it to encourage me under my pillow or make breakfast in bed with a Scripture card on my plate to strengthen my spirit. Everything she does is full of God's love! She has been a great blessing and continues to pour out her servants heart. She has given me so much Hope in Jesus to contend for complete healing! I am about 85% healed walking it out daily, with her encouragment, prayers; her helping hand in everything, even changing our eating habits together! She is so humble; she never expects ANYTHING in return! She radiates the love of God! I know that she will hear the words "Well done, good and faithful servant" on the day she meets Jesus face to face! Amen,Thank you for your consideration This would be a dream come true!
    -Shelia from Kansas City, MO

    The one thing we all have throough our heavenly father is love. I've seen that first hand. When I was 19 I just gone through a major heartbreak when God sent somebody, Joseph Colson, to show me that the Father still loved me. Joseph had always said that No matter what God would always love me and I didn't believe him at first but he took me to his church and showed me that are believers out there. So, after a month of hanging out with him I gave my life to christ.
    -Santanna from Valdosta, GA

    His name is Jeremy Snoberger and he is my pastor and best friend! Almost 3 years ago I found myself buried in an addiction that had been going on for so many years that it took hitting absolute rock bottom for me to recognize it's severity and my denial. My marriage was hanging by a thread and it felt as though my life was, too. I loved my wife and my 2 year old daughter and could not imagine life without them. Something had to be done...I needed help and Jeremy was the only person that came to mind. Not knowing what kind of response I would get was scary, but I had to go to him, talk with him and put everything on the table. What I got was beyond anything that could have been expected. His love, compassion and willingness to come alongside me and my family was unbelievably selfless. His approach was very gentle and forgiving on a personal level yet extremely firm and focused on what needed to be done. He has walked beside me every day since November 11th, 2008 and I can say without any hesitation that he has helped me save my life. My marriage is stronger than ever and I am sober! I have found my identity in Christ and have my life and my hope firmly planted in Him. Jeremy wouldn't want recognition, but if anyone deserves it he does. Thank you Jeremy...I love you!
    -Corey from Sartell, MN

    The person who shared the message of hope with me would be my mother. I was an alcoholic for 20 years and had put her through a roller coaster ride watching me trying to make it as a single mother and trying to overcome the addiction on my own, but never being able to. But she continued loving me and praying for me. Even though she knew that she couldn't save me, she knew that God could. She passed away suddenly on March 4 of this year. At that time she had seen me get a year and a half of sobriety. She saw God bless me and do for me what I could not do for myself. She had such a wonderful relationship with God. She would keep journals of her writings to Him. She organized church retreat weekends for the last 20 years. She volunteered with Hospice in visiting the dying, she worked for DCFS in helping abused children, she brought Bibles to the inmates in the local jails. Her love for God was unending and she lived her life to please him. She is an inspiration to me. I see so much more of who she was now that she has passed. There were about 400 people at her wake, many being people that she had led on retreats. They shared how my mom helped them grow in their faith. She believed that everyone could make a difference and she sure did. I love you Mom.
    -Therese from Sycamore, IL

    The person who shared hope with me was my pastor, Marv Feigenspan. Recently, (March 20) my husband suddently passed away (he was only 54 and we were married for 36 years). He rushed to the hospital at midnight and stood with us as we prayed over my husband's lifeless body, hoping the Lord would bring him back to life. Even though the Lord chose not to bring him back, Marv prayed with us and kept encouraging us (my whole family) and telling us that the enemy did not steal him away, that Richard was with the Lord and that brought tremendous peace to our hearts. Besides that night, over the last few months, Marv has been a strength and encouragement to us, constantly praying and covering our hearts. I don't know how it would have been without him or my church family to stand with us in our time of need. Thank you.
    -Dottie from Iowa City, IA

    After I struggled with depression, alcoholism, and bulimia, I came back to the cross and rededicated my life to Christ. I decided to start attending bible college in Fall of 2010, and for 8 months my life was hell. I was judged - the boundary-pushing girl with a past, lots of tattoos and a loud mouth in a conservative school was more than controversial. I was alone, struggling again with bouts of depression and bulimia, and angry with God for bringing me to a place where I thought I was serving, but instead - suffering. That's when I met Jen Shelton. After multiple failed attempts at starting a friendship with me, one day Jen waited in the lobby of my coffee shop until I got off work and asked me to sit with her. Instead of judging me, asking me questions, or reprimanding me for my negative attitude - she told me her story and past of suicide attempts, depression, partying, anorexia, rape, and cutting. She looked at me and told me that it gets easier and that GRACE is all I need, and that she'd been praying furiously for me all year to come to know and understand it. She expressed her love and concern for my brokenness by just being REAL with me. Jen is now my best friend, and we are serving and loving Jesus and seeking His will & grace every moment of every day. Jen showed me hope & led me to the cross.
    -Stacey from Boise, ID

    That special friend in Christ is Flo Dasublon. She has been there to encourage me and to lift my spirits up through a tough separation from my husband. She continues to give my daughters and I hope, she encourages me in so many ways to keep faith and to trust the Lord. She prays for us and with us all the time. She has always been there for me whenever I would get weak and start to lose hope, she turns it around with the Word and quotes from the bible, how I am a child of God, she reminds me how much He loves me no matter how sometimes I feel I have failed Him.
    -Migdalia from Yorktown Hts, NY

    After trying to get pregnant for over 10 years, I was set to deliver my first baby in October of 2009. My mom, dad, and grandma came down to be with me and husband during the birth of our baby. Everything was going as planned and I had my baby. One week after having my beautiful baby girl, while they were here in Texarkana my mom, dad, and grandma got hit by an 18 wheeler. My mom and grandma were killed in the wreck. My friends Michele and Brian Henry took over our business and ran it for us during our breavement. When all 6 of my brothers and their families came to Texarkana, Michele and Brian fed us dinner every night for a week at their church. There is no way that I can ever repay what they did for me. But they love Building 429 and I know that they would love to go on a mission trip. They are true examples of God's light in a very dark place.
    -Jennifer from Texarkana, TX

    October 22, 1998 I was the driver of a head-on accident with my 2 sisters and my sister's friend in my car, on my way to school that morning. I was a junior in High school. My best friend; Stephanie, was by my side throughout my 2 month hospital stay. She helped me and kept pushing me to each milestone in my recovery. Because of the head injury that I had sustained I had to relearn EVERYTHING over again; walking, talking, writing, etc. Stephanie & I were 16 at this time, and she gave up her life, family & friends to see that I recuperate as close to 100% if not better. & she still is that for me today!! I'm 30 and back in college for a 2nd time in hopes to get a new degree and she is still my push to get through a class. She helps me with my math, helps encourage me when I'm dealing with issues & stress with college, family and just everyday drama. She's more than a best friend, she's my hero and I call her my sister. Without her and so many other's I know that I would not be here today where I am at physically, mentally, most of all spiritually with God. I am looking forward for what God has planned for her when she is finished with college herself. God knew what He was doing when he put the two of us together!!
    -Fontaine from Hamilton, OH

    God knew my husband and I would need Heather and her husband, Garreth, in the future when He put us in the same bible study. They have a son with a severe disability. This wasn’t an experience we had in common until we received the news during my pregnancy that our son had a deadly heart defect. Heather knew what it was like to have your dreams for your child shattered. She helped me take my anger and fear to God in an honest way. She gave me scriptures to turn to. Over our son’s 3 ½ month hospitalization and two open heart surgeries, they walked closely beside us. Our son miraculously became well enough to come home and we were thrilled. However, they knew that the homecoming was the hardest part. Heather helped me apply for disability services and find therapists when I was sleep deprived and overwhelmed with caring for a morphine addicted baby that required a feeding tube in order to eat and numerous medications every couple hours. They knew the toll this takes on a marriage, as well. They received our teary phone calls and desperate cries for help day or night. They pointed us to a faithful and loving God. They showed us that there is hope and that God has a plan to use every circumstance in our lives if we just submit ourselves to Him. Heather underestimates how God has and can use her in the lives of others. Help show her!
    -Amanda from Barrington, NH

    When I was 26, and living in Tulsa, OK, George Clark showed hope to me. He was one of my co-workers, and he invited me to church. I initially turned him down. I thought since I was a pretty good person, didn't murder, or hurt people intentionally, that I had a go-straight-to-Heaven pass. About a month later, I was held hostage for 3 days at knife-point and raped. My attacker told me I was going to Hell because of my sinful life. When my attacker released me, I went back to work and asked George if the invitation to church was still open. I went with George and his wife, Dawn Clark, to church and accepted salvation from Jesus. Now, because of George, I am saved and serve my church in Fort Smith, Arkansas. I’ve done Hospital Visitation for more than 4 years, showing hope to others. And in January 2011, I started volunteering in the Sunday morning Preschool classes. I am hoping to share the love of Jesus so that these kids might avoid some of the mistakes I’ve made along the way.
    -Tammy from Fort Smith, AR

    Let me tell you about Janeice. A few years ago I was in the pits of hell! I was in full rebellion against God. Satan had snuck in and was completely devouring my life and family. I had walked out on God and was about to walk out on my marriage of 19 years, and, my 3 children. My whole existence was spiraling into darkness. Then God sent Janeice into my life. We had known each other casually for a few years but really didn’t know anything about eachother. But,when she spoke to me, she was the voice of God! She was gentle and loving, and knew exactly what I was going through as she had experienced a very similar situation a few years before. And, when others around me were judging me and literally telling me i was clinically depressed and needed to check myself into a facility, Janeice patiently and non-judgmentally set me on a path back to my saviour. She was my lifeline to Christ in the biggest storm of my life. She has been disciplining me for the last 3 years and I can truly say that today I’m in the most glorious spiritual growth of my life. In this past year, I have also had the privilege of experiencing how Christ is transforming Janeice's life for His glory! God is preparing her for something big, and I'm so grateful that I am in her life to experience it with her.
    -Nicola from Cabot, AR

    My mom was born with the natural gift of encouragement! She is quick to send notes to uplift, call a person in need, volunteer her time, or just pray. Just recently, my husband lost his job and we've fallen on tough times. Easter was coming up and she sent me a card in the mail with $40 dollars saying "buy you something beautiful to wear for Easter. You are beautiful to me and to the Lord! Hang in there, kiddo. I love you!" Not many can say that they have a Mother that has shown them not only how to follow Christ, but how to love like Christ. I can! My mother hasn't had an easy road herself, but has never waivered in her ability to bring hope and redirect someone in need from their own sorrows to the loving arms of God.
    -Tiffany from Lexington, KY

    A year ago, my husband Jason, and I (engaged then), were building a house. Jason, his uncle, father, brother and a friend were all working hard early December to try to get our roof on before we received a major snow storm. About mid-day, Jason and his uncle (who also happened to be his employer) were on our roof while Jason's brother, father and a friend were on the ground. Jason's uncle slipped and fell to his death. It was devastating to the family since this was the family's fourth death in a short period of time. Jason lost a great friend, uncle and was now unemployed. Along came Scott, a member of our community and my church. When he heard of our story, he felt led to do something. Within one week's time, he rallied the community together and the roof was finished. There were so many volunteers that we had to turn some away. Not only did we have volunteers to finish the roof, on one of the coldest weekends that winter, but we also had food donated, servers to serve the food, and monetary donations. I don’t know where Jason and I would be now if it weren’t for Scott, his family and a few others who felt led by the Holy Spirit to help a young couple out. Thank you Scott!
    -Emily from Argyle, NY

    I am 18 and just one year ago I was a huge a "party-er". I was very fond of marijuana and alcohol. Then I met my friend Claire Seeger. She asked me to go to a flashlight tag game with her youth group. So I went and I had so much fun that I decided to go to youth group with her the next week. Within a month I had motivation to go to every Wednesday youth group and Sunday Church service on my own. The next month I went on a rafting trip with the youth group and I found God. I have never felt better in my life. I never knew that one event could change my life forever. I have grown close enough to God that I have been praying every day and talking to my youth pastor regularly about God and his will and the bible. And I am proud to say that in five weeks I will be going with my youth group on my first Mission Trip. I will be going to Mexico to serve God by building houses for families in need and finishing a drug rehab center that was started last year. On the way home we are stopping at a beach in California and I am asking my pastor to Baptize me. If it wasn't for Claire, I don't know where I would be today. Most likely dead. But thanks to her, I will soon be the opposite, baptized.
    -Loren from Tillamook, OR

    My younger sister and i never used to get along at all, but she has always really been into god, even as a kid she was, and growing up, i wasn't so much. For YEARS i watched her do all this cool stuff with the church and for years i had nothing to do with it, i wouldn't go to church unless i had to, and i wouldn't go to youth group unless i had to. I watched her grow every day in god and lead a godly life, and as time wore on, i wanted to be more and more like her. she was so kind, and so loving, and even when things got ugly, she kept up the faith. now i teach sunday school and Vacation bible school, i go to church EVERY sunday, and i go to Overflow, our 18-20 somethings group, every week,i teach AWANA each year, and every time something needs doing at my church i'm MORE than happy to do it. Now my little sister attends the Honor Academy down in Guarden Valley Texas. she's an AMAZING person and would be great for missions trips. she's been to Mexico to work at an orphanage to spread the word of god, and she went on another missons trip with her school. she'd be the BEST choice, and i'm NOT just saying that because she's my little sister.
    -Sarah from Butte, MT

    My aunt Vicki has always been apart of my life however is was five years ago that she became more than an aunt, she became my "mom". My real mom and I had never gotten along; we fought constantly and the continuous words of, "I don't love you," were killing me inside. I would steal, cheat and lie for my moms attention but not even a school expulsion would give me what I longed for. The summer of 2006 is when that all changed, Vicki had been fighting for years to have me in her home, and that summer is when we saw that our prayers had finally paid off. It was a struggle at first, I had gotten so use to lying and stealing that it had become second nature for me but Vicki never gave up on me; she got me counseling, she showed me love I had never seen before and most importantly she gave me hope. The change I have seen in myself is a true reflection of Vicki, I am now strong, independent and so faithful to the Lord. I graduated from high school in May and will now be attending college in Arizona come this fall, but I know that the distance will never keep us apart. The blessing of my aunt has been the greatest gift from God. Aunt Vicki thank you so much, I love you. Thank you Air1 for the oppurtinity to share my story.
    -Ashlee from Apple Valley, CA

    My Uncle Darrell helps give me hope. I am a single mother of four. My ex-husband is in jail for molesting our only daughter. I had been a stay at home mom for a very long time. I found myself having to get a full-time job to support us and I wanted to go back to school as well. This was almost impossible with four kids. My Uncle stepped in and watches my children for free whenever I need him. He cooks, cleans, and tutors my children in my absence which allows me to work to support us and go to school so that I can get a better career that will support us completely. I could not support my children without his selfless act. I am working towards my Psycholgy degree to go on to get my Counseling degree so I can help other families like ours. I want to give other hope like the hope I have received. My uncle is sacrificing his income and his time for us. I cannot tell him thank you enough.
    -Angela from Coolidge, AZ

    My best friend, Abigail, literally, saved my life. I was 16 years old, and I was going through everything that could be going wrong. I was going down the wrong roads, doing all the wrong things. It had gotten so bad that I had almost taken my own life. But, when nobody else was there, when all my friends had walked out on me, someone I didn't even know was there. She accepted me with open arms and showed me what a Christian really is. She told me over and over how God could help me. She went to camp that summer, and I thought I was going to be done for, but she even sent me a letter to keep my spirits up. She encouraged me everyday, eventually showing me the way to Christ. She saved my life, and conntinues to stand by my side every single day. I wouldn't be here right now, if she hadn't reached out to me. I thank God everyday for that one Christian who reached out to me. That one Christian who wasn't afraid to step out. She saved a life, and continues to reach out to people everyday. She shows love when nobody else does. I could never thank her enough for all that she's done for me. She's the best friend I could have asked for, and in showing me the way to Christ, she's done the greatest thing a person can do.
    -Sonny from Louisville, KY

    Three years ago I was at rock bottom struggling with clinical depression. I had lost God completely from my life and had an addiction to cutting myself along with constantly thinking suicidal thoughts. All I could say to myself to make excuses for the cutting was that the physical pain helped take away the emotional pain that I could barely handle. I had reached the end of my rope, or so it seemed and I was slipping fast, face first into the biggest black hole that had ever consumed me, but then Matt came along. He helped to show me the single ray of light in that black hole. Slowly he showed me that there truely was hope and there was a way to become whole again, clean and pure in God's eyes, mistakes aside. But of course there was that one day when all hope was once again shattered from my mind and even though I knew Matt was there, I still felt so alone. That night, I poured a bottle of vicoden into my hand, ready to stop that jagged hole in my chest that was ripping through me uncontrollably. Before I put them in my mouth and ended my life, Matt called me. He somehow knew to call me and stop me from making that irreversable decision right then. Matt has helped to show me that God loves me and there is hope. Hope that I can live each day better than the last.
    -Allie from Eagle, ID

    Six years ago I thought my marriage was over. I came home from a summer trip from my mother's to find my husband wanted a separation at least and maybe even a divorce. I was shocked. I was in utter despair. I've never cried so much in my life than the months following this news. I immediately did what we are hard-wired to do. I prayed! God brought me great comfort just in knowing he was there listening and I knew setting in motion a wonderful plan to help mend our marriage. He used my friend,Stephanie,as a instrument in his master plan. She listened for hours sometimes to me as I cried and asked her what I should do to work on our marriage. She encouraged me to keep faithful and hopeful. She always focused on the positives of our relationship and how I could try to rebuild on those as well as my weaknesses. She gave me great insight on how to be a Godly wife. I prayed more for my husband and our marriage than ever before. I learned how to listen,love and respect his role like never before despite him not doing any of the same back. After months of constant prayer and support and positive support from her I'm happy to say we have been married now 18yrs this June. I thank God for her encouragement and helping me never to lose hope.
    -Heather from Gilbert, AZ














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