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    Skillet: Air 1's Artist of the Month for August 2007


    LINKS: Interview | Trivia | "The Last Night" Lyrics

    Skillet Trivia Quiz

    Find out if you've got what it takes to be a Panhead (a die-hard Skillet fan). Take this quiz and compare them to the answers below. Then, add up your score. Give yourself one point for each right answer.

    1. Who is Skillet? Name the members and what instrument they play or say if they sing.
    2. How did they come up with the name Skillet?
    3. What year was Skillet formed and in what City?
    4. Who’s related in Skillet?
    5. How old was Ben Kasica when Skillet was formed?
    6. What does John Cooper collect?
    7. What two Skillet members love coffee?
    8. Who is the only original member of Skillet?
    9. Who writes the songs for Skillet?
    10. Before Skillet, Lori Peters and Korey Cooper were members of what band?
    11. When did Korey Cooper join Skillet?
    12. How many albums does Skillet have?

    Skillet Trivia Answers

    1. John Cooper — lead vocals, bass
      Korey Cooper — backup vocals, keyboards, guitar
      Ben Kasica — guitar
      Lori Peters — drums
    2. Well, when John Cooper played in the band, Seraph and his friend, Ken Steorts was playing in Urgent Cry, their pastor encouraged them to start their own band together, saying, “Throw it all in and see what you come up with.” So, they called their new band Skillet.
    3. Skillet was formed in Memphis, Tenn. in 1996
    4. John and Korey Cooper are married (have been since 1998)
    5. Kasica was 12. He joined the band in 2001, at age 16 and played guitar on the last three CDs: Alien Youth, Collide and Comatose.
    6. Superhero figures like Batman and Spiderman
    7. Korey Cooper and Ben Kasica
    8. John Cooper. He started the band with friend Ken Steorts and Trey McClurkin. Both Steorts and McClurkin have since left the band and new members have joined.
    9. John Cooper writes most of the songs, but Korey does co-write some songs with John.
    10. Alkeme
    11. Korey joined in 1999, when Skillet began recording the album, Invincible.
    12. Seven total: Skillet (1996), Hey You I Love Your Soul (1998), Invincible (2000), Ardent Worship (2000), Alien Youth (2001), Collide (2003) and Comatose (2006).

    If you scored:
    1-3 — You're soggy. Stay away from the Panhead message boards at unless you're prepared to take the heat.
    4-6 — You're fried! You're a fledgling fan whose Skillet collection is probably collecting dust.
    7-9 — You're Sizzling! You've probably been a Skillet fan since Alien Youth and you have potential to become a hardcore Panhead.
    10-12 — Congratulations! You're a Panhead! There's a good chance you've got every Skillet CD and know most of the songs by heart.



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