Choosing The Right Time To Adopt (+podcast)

Sunday, December 31, 2017

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (Air1 News – David Michaels) – A global nonprofit ministry is helping build strong families that demonstrate the love and compassion of God.

By protecting and enhancing the lives of children, Bethany Christian Services works hard at equipping families to become the answer for children in need. Beth and Harold Schnyders of Grand Rapids, Michigan, are one family that has benefitted from BCS.

People often question life’s big decisions like, when to buy a home, to have kids, or adopt a child. Perhaps the right time could be right now?

In spite of being unable to have children of their own, the Schnyders felt led to adopt. But they didn’t know if they were ready to begin raising children. Everything wasn’t perfect yet.

Harold had reservations. For instance, could he connect with a child that didn’t have his DNA? What if the kid looked completely different? The concerns Harold struggled with aren’t uncommon. But his wife Beth was convinced at a young age that God was calling her to adopt. So together, they didn’t let it stop them from adopting their first baby girl.

The moment they brought her home, all Harold’s hesitations melted away. He realized, his adopted child may not look like him, but he sees himself in his child’s actions and behaviors.

The Schnyders didn’t stop there. They’ve since adopted six kids in all and are loving every minute of it.

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