Confronting Family Conflict During The Holiday (+podcast)

Monday, December 25, 2017

(Air1 News - Jonathan Ellyson) – Between Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's, this time of year is filled with a lot of visits with family and friends. For many of us that can mean dealing with loss or family drama.

Ed Tandy McGlasson, founder of Blessings of the Father Ministry knows all about family struggles and regularly works with people who have suffered a loss in the family.

He shared the story of losing his father in a book that's sold almost 250,000 copies. He's been running this ministry for almost 30 years using his experiences to connect to others who've experienced the loss of a parent or just have an unfulfilled relationship with their children.

The first holiday after a loved one passes can be tough but Ed says, "go around and celebrate that person... talk about all the things you love about them and they become part of that meeting."

The loss of a loved one isn’t the only thing that can create holiday hangups. Ed says at the core of most family drama is bitterness. The solution to this is to build, "a culture of forgiveness, look at how you ask for forgiveness and how you forgive."

Hopefully as you spend time with your families you can use some of these tips to avoid any tense situations, celebrate the ones you’ve lost and forgive the loved ones who might be feeling bitter.

Blessing of the Father Ministries has a free devotional called “Time with my Father” available on their website.

Merry Christmas!