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LISTEN - ‘Bag Ladies’ Create Items For The Homeless

Sunday, August 13, 2017

(Air1 News – Adam Russell) – Recycling plastic grocery bags is nothing new. Using them as material in washable, moisture-resistant mats is probably something you haven’t heard of though.

Baptist Press reports a group of Christian women, affectionately known as the “bag ladies,” presses, twists and weaves old plastic grocery bags into items that are helpful and valuable to the homeless.

(You can HEAR more about the creativity of the “bag ladies” by clicking play below.)

About 5 to 15 women gather weekly at First Baptist Church in Bethany, Oklahoma to work on the projects.

The balls of plastic bags are crocheted into washable, moisture-resistant 3-by-6-foot mats. Each mat takes an estimated 65 hours to create and consists of 600-700 plastic bags.

After a mat is completed, all of the women pray over the mat and the future owner of the mat.

And they make sure each mat made has a special design so that each one is unique. The women divide bags into such categories as store, texture and size. They have even used old plastic table cloths, showing there is no limit to their resourceful ways.

The mats are distributed to the homeless through another church ministry that takes sandwiches, soup and clothing items to three different shelters in downtown Oklahoma City.

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