College Students Walking Away From Jesus, New Tool Will Help

Sunday, August 13, 2017

(Air1 News – George Rath) – Seven in ten Christian students heading to college for the first time end up walking away from their faith according to Christian Newswire. That’s for those going to a non-Christian college away from home. The good news is that several groups are teaming together to change that.

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Research has found the very first days and weeks of a student setting foot on a new campus are crucial. The college ministry ‘Navigators’ has narrowed it down to the first 72 hours. The foundational issue is that the Christian community has had no way of intentionally connecting students to Christian organizations and communities before classes start.

Now there’s Campus Ministry Link. It’s a free online tool that relationally connects graduating high school students with college ministries and campus churches. The tool itself is a product of twelve of the largest college ministries and the goal is to double the amount of students who continue to follow their faith in the first year of college.

Campus Ministry Link even gives Christian freshmen tools to get involved right away with reaching out and sharing Jesus with non-Christian students at the beginning of the year, when they’re most open to that.

John Decker is Partnership Director for Campus Ministry Link and says the harvest is plentiful at universities, but the laborers have been too few. He says the tool should make it easier for students to start prepping as high school juniors and seniors, and then while transitioning into their chosen college.

Bob Weiner, president of Weiner Ministries International tells Christian Newswire he believes Campus Ministry Link will change America more than any project he has seen.

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