First-Ever Sonari Bible Translated For Kurdish People

Sunday, April 23, 2017

ERBIL, Iraq (Air1 News – Abby Aronoff) - It is hard to believe in 2017 that there are people we know and work with that have no access to a Bible they can read in their native language. But that has been the reality for the Kurdish people in Northern Iraq, until now.

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The men and women of Kurdistan have a reputation as brave and compassionate. Throughout decades American military forces have worked side-by-side with Kurds to tap down aggressors like ISIS in war-torn places like Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Iran. But this whole time, Biblica, The International Bible Society reports, that Kurdish Christians have had no Bible.

Biblica CEO, Dr. Carl Moeller says, “This is a very historic occasion, and exciting time for the Kurdish people.”

The Kurds speak Sonari and a Bible translation team was first formed in the 1850s to start work on a Kurdish Bible. But their efforts were postponed over and over again because of war. During those 170 years many Kurdish people who were predominately Muslim were accepting Christ and forming churches. The Biblica translation team formed in 1990 and began the translation project again.

Earlier this month a completed Kurdish-Sonari Bible was presented to Kurdish people in Erbil. The gathering included Kurdish Christian and even Kurdish Muslims, excited for a chance to read the Bible in their own language.

Moeller points out “This translation is the result of many, many years of prayer, a great deal of sacrifice, and is a wonderful reminder of God’s great faithfulness.”

The Sonari-Kurdish Bible is now available on the YouVersion and Gateway Bible Apps for those who can’t afford a hardcopy.

Dr. Moeller is thrilled by the response of the Kurdish people, saying, “[God] is doing awesome things in Kurdistan. Our prayer is that this Bible will be a blessing to the Kurdish Church, help Kurdish believers grow, and be used by God to draw many Kurds into a relationship with Jesus Christ.”

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