We're super excited about the new music on Air1!

And, couldn't wait to watch, and share, the music videos for “One More Day” by Aaron Cole, Brave” by Skillet and Neon Feather'sThe Long Way Home (feat. David Dunn).”

While watching, this thought surfaced: what changes would play out in our day to day moments, and future, if we took some of the insights from these songs to heart and applied them to our daily lives!??! What if we...

Give Thanks For One More Day:

Rise Up & Stand On Faith:

Celebrate What We Have Now:

Do the lyrics in these songs resonate with you? Has God already begun speaking to you about similar themes in your life? We'd love to hear your story. You can leave a comment on this post or share your storyhere.

And, check out another new song, and lyric video, by Sarah Reeves >here <