"Make a joyful symphony before the LORD, the King!" - Psalm 98:6b

Adding to the symphony with their new songs are these talented Air1 artists:

Zach Williams - "Fear Is A Liar" 

"When he told you you were troubled 
 You'll forever be alone
 When he told you you should run away
 You'll never find a home
 When he told you you were dirty
 And you should be ashamed
 When he told you you could be the one
 That grace could never change
 Fear he is a liar"

           - Lyrics from "Fear Is A Liar" by Zach Williams

Matthew West - "The Beautiful Things We Miss"

"I don't wanna miss it 
 I don't wanna look back someday and find
 Everything that really mattered
 Was right in front of me this whole time
 Open up my eyes, Lord
 Keep me in the moment just like this
 Before the beautiful things we love
 Become the beautiful things we miss" 

                - Lyrics from "The Beautiful Things We Miss" by Matthew West

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Crowder - "Run Devil Run"

“I got the King of kings and the Lord of Hosts
 I got angel armies and the Holy Ghost
 I got spirit filled, baptized by fire
 I got a valley of bones, that came alive
 I got a cross, a hill, and an empty grave
 I got a trumpet sound and one sweet name
 Shake the gates of hell it's finished and done 
 I got my Jesus and the devil gotta run”
                                - Lyrics from "Run Devil Run" by Crowder

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