"To hear of a teacher here in San Diego who's singing our songs to his class - you know, once a week;  I mean, what an honor." - Jon Foreman, Switchfoot

As they travel all over the world for performances, humanitarian work and other events the guys in the band Switchfoot get to interact with people of diverse cultures and witness the magnificence of God's creation. And, still, their favorite place on earth is the community they grew up in and call home, San Diego, California...

“Twelve years ago, we sat on a flight home from Australia and talked about some of the amazing places we had visited around the globe. We kept coming back to a single truth - the place that meant the most to us, our favorite place to be, was HOME.” - Switchfoot

San Diego is where Jon, Tim, Chad, Jerome and Drew produce their music and spend time doing life with each other, their families; and, as opportunities arise, with the people who make the surrounding area so special.

Like Martin Johnson...

A beloved teacher at Santana High School in Santee, California, Mr. Johnson is known for singing Switchfoot songs during lunchtime concerts, in his AP Literature class, and at campus flash mobs. He is retiring this year and his wife Diane Johnson, after secretly connecting with Switchfoot, pulled off a brilliant surprise to the delight of her husband: 

“I look over and there's Jon Foreman and there's the rest of the guys. It's like, wow! It was a life-fulfillment. It was such a blessing.” - Martin Johnson

And, the students at Greg Rogers Elementary School...

For almost thirteen years the band has hosted the SWITCHFOOT BRO-AM Surfing and Music Festival. Last year's event raised over $200,000 to support local youth and $25,000 went to Rogers Elementary School in Chula Vista for band instruments. The guys stopped by the school to meet the students and see first-hand the impact of their gifts: 

“This means that the students get to meet the people who made it possible for them to learn these instruments. Without Switchfoot's generous donation they wouldn't have had the opportunity to learn these instruments here at our school.” -   Michael Gray - Music teacher, Greg Rogers Elementary School