“I didn't grow up in a household of faith; but, from when I was a really little girl I would find myself daydreaming about God,” Brooke recalls. “I have vivid memories of being in the playground at recess and looking at the sky and the clouds and the trees and thinking about God and hoping He was having a nice day.” - Brooke (Fraser) Ligertwood, Hillsong Worship

During a visit to the Air1 studios, Brooke opened up about life as a little girl and what brought her to faith in Jesus Christ. The story of her inquisitive, child-like faith is captured in this video: 

In 2005, Brooke moved from New Zealand to Australia. On her first night in Sydney, she went to a barbecue at Hillsong Church and met her future husband, Scott Ligertwood. Just good friends, at first, they eventually started dating and married in 2008. These days, Brooke and Scott live in Southern California with their daughter, Dylan. They attend Hillsong LA and Brooke considers going to church as more than just a 'Sunday experience'; instead, it's an opportunity to 'do life' with each other...

"The idea that the people that you sit beside on Sunday aren't just people that you brush shoulders with and never speak with again during the week. But, the idea of true community being people that you do the highs and the lows with, people that pray with you when things are tough and rejoice with you when things are going great.”

Brooke reflects more on doing life with the Hillsong community here: