In this unforgettable music video for TobyMac's song “ Love Broke Thru” we see a demonstration of how love can overcome all barriers. This is represented in the form of a conflict between a crowd of protesters and police officers where an elderly man is injured in the mix. This hits home to a lot of the pain we are experiencing in our country today, and reminds us that He is greater than all of it.

The powerful video ends with Exodus 22:27 which says “When they cry out to Me, I will hear… for I am compassionate.” We invite you to take a few minutes and check it out below:

The song really was written about how love broke through in my life. How God came in and sort of swept me off my feet the day that I started following Him. But, we wanted to really do something special with this video ... we really wanted to do something that made impact and dealt with the issues that our nation is dealing with." - TobyMac


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