“Dreamers keep dreaming...” - Micah Tyler

You've probably seen Micah Tyler's viral video that pokes fun at common stereotypes surrounding the Millennials generation. From sitting in coffee shops with man buns to participation trophies, Micah even jokes about the country's future laying in the hands of one of these now twenty-something-year-olds.

Being a Millennial himself, Micah created this parody as a fun way to start conversations on how his generation is in fact more than these silly stereotypes. He shares, “There's [a] reckless abandonment that kind of comes along with being a Millennial. They're just gonna try until it doesn't work, and then keep trying and figure something else out and the resilience of that whole thing is just so exciting to me…”. Find out exactly how Micah views the potential and importance of his fellow Echo Boomers in this Air1 All Access video:

Haven't seen the original “You've Gotta Love Millennials” video? Not to worry, we've included it below!