• Hillsong Worship's "Prince Of Heaven" Song Story & Acoustic Performance

    Thursday, December 07, 2017

    "We are really passionate about the idea ... about Christmas music being also worshipful. Because the whole premise of Christmas inspires worship." - Brooke (Fraser) Ligertwood

    In this Behind the Music, Brooke and Michael of Hillsong Worship perform an acoustic version of their new Christmas song "Prince Of Heaven" and then talk about how the lyrics and song's premise came together.

    And, if you're interested in hearing Michael's tips for playing "Prince Of Heaven" on guitar - make sure to watch the segment to the end.

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    New Christmas Music From Your Favorite Air1 Artists

    Friday, December 01, 2017

    "Christmas is God's peace project ... the whole premise of Christmas inspires worship. The audacity of Christmas and God's plan to bring the opportunity for us to make peace with him through Jesus."

                                                                                                             - Brooke Ligertwood, Hillsong Worship

    This Christmas, it's our joy to share songs that invite people to experience Jesus' presence. The selection includes new takes on Christmas classics and brand new creations, we hope they delight and inspire you...

    "Prince Of Heaven" - Hillsong Worship

    "Hail, the Prince of Heaven comes
    Angel choirs sound the call 
    For this babe wrapped in a cloth is 
    The incarnate Word of God
    All the kingdom and its power
    Resting now in this child
    Prince of Heaven
    Jesus, hope of the world"

    "Glorious" - for KING & COUNTRY 

    "He is the chorus to every song that we were born to sing
    He is the rhythm of your heart so let the beat begin
    It's so Glorious
    He is glorious
    Glory this is God with us
    He is the Miracle of a love to set the people free
    He is the wonder of the world like we have never seen
    It's so Glorious
    He is glorious
    Glory this is God with us"

    "From Heaven To Earth"  - We Are Messengers 

    "Sing for the Lord has come
    Oh what a wondrous love
    Sing for the Lord has come
    From heaven to earth
    Our King is victorious
    He is great and glorious
    Sing for the Lord has come
    From heaven to earth"

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    Blanca's "Real Love" Song Story & Official Music Video

    Tuesday, October 24, 2017

    In her recently released video: Blanca - Story Behind The Song "Real Love,Blanca invites us to learn more about her life, emotions and the moments where she encountered God, while writing her new song "Real Love." 

    She begins with these words...

    "So, the last year or so has been a pretty challenging year, I've gone through, definitely, some valleys. And, a lot of people may know, my mom was sick and she passed away in December. So, there was a lot, kind of, I was having to work through for this new season. So I entered writing a new record, which is a very exciting time, none the less; but, I definitely had a lot on my heart and a lot that I wanted to talk about."

    Blanca continues her story by sharing a vignette from one of her writing sessions with a fellow songwriter - Emily.  Check out these videos to hear that account, plus the rest of the song story, and to watch her performance of the song "Real Love":

    And now for the performance: 

    "In everything that I do. Every song that I write. Every time I step on a stage. Every time I'm trying to be a mother to my son or a good wife to my husband - it's not about me trying to be perfect. But, it's about me accepting this is who I am, who God's made me. And, His love is more than enough, for me. So, this is real love..." - Blanca