Matthew West says that one of the biggest struggles in his life as a dad and husband is staying connected and invested in the lives of his family. Recently, He asked himself these questions: "Do I care more about my career than my family?" and "What would they say about me if I asked them that question?" 

His song "The Beautiful Things We Miss" is inspired by this struggle for prioritizing family and the words he typed into his phone while pausing during a hike in the beautiful Colorado mountains...

"At one point I stopped for a break, looked up and realized I had missed some of the most breathtaking scenery around me. I pulled out my phone and typed the words 'The Beautiful Things We Miss.' That's what led me to write this song that cuts straight to the core of my biggest struggle in life."

The lyric video for "The Beautiful Things We Miss" gives us a peek into Matthew's life via a montage of personal photos of  Matthew, his wife, Emily, and their daughters, Lulu and Delaney: