• Switchfoot - Let It Out
    From the album Fading West

    Keep, keep, keep
    Keep pushing this higher
    I've been living uptight
    (Take it easy right now)
    Like a moth to the fire
    Like I'm losing this fight
    (Take it easy right now)

    From the day we're born
    We are scarred and torn
    We've been scared to sing out loud

    But we don't care no more
    Because we know life is short
    We don't care who hears us now
    Breathe it in and let it out

    Let it out
    Let it out

    Got, got, got
    Got me walking on a wire
    Got me shaking at night
    (Take it easy right now)
    When my soul gets tired
    Feel like I'm losing that fight
    (Take it easy right now)
    Come on, let it out.

    Are you holding on?
    Are you up against those ropes?
    Cause I know how it feels to lose hope
    Are you holding in?
    Well come on, let it out

    Take a breath and let it out

    Publishing: Produced by: Neal Avron & the Foreman Brothers Let It Out by Jon & Tim Foreman / Publishing Shmublishing Publishing (ASCAP), Drew Pearson / Drew Yeah Music/Song of Pulse Recording (BMI)
    Writer(s): Jon Foreman, Time Foreman, Drew Pearson

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