• Stars Go Dim - Like I Mean It
    From the album Like I Mean It

    I've spent most of my life
    Trying just to get by
    Spent most of that time
    On losing you

    Now I gave you reasons
    Disregarded feelings
    Convinced myself that it's all true.

    How do I learn to fly?
    When I am down on my knees
    How can I learn to love?
    When I'm always begging you please

    How many moments passed me by? How many times have I said I won't try... to live my life and love like I mean it?
    How many days will slip away?
    How much pain does it take to see it?
    To live my life and love like I mean it,

    I keep all my secrets
    Hid away down inside
    Keep telling myself
    Lie after lie

    Now I played the part
    Of a man with many hearts
    But none of them ever meant to hurt you
    Cause all I do is push you away
    I'm gonna love, Like I never ever loved before
    I'm gonna live, Like I only have one last wish
    I'm gonna be, everything you ever wanted
    Everything you need

    Show me how to fly
    Get me back on my feet
    Don't give up on me
    I am begging you please

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