• Stephanie Smith - Not Afraid
    From the album Not Afraid

    I'm not afraid
    I'm not afraid
    Sorry it's over I think it's the best thing for now
    I'm takin' the memories
    Don't wanna leave them all behind...

    Some are good, some are bad
    Some are in between
    But I gotta do what's right for me So I'm not afraid to walk away
    Let me go for the last time
    Finally got it straight for the first time
    Not afraid cause I know he's there to meet me
    So I'll be gone,
    I'll be gone, But not alone, alone, alone

    I hate how it happened
    But it just wasn't supposed to be
    Let's not talk about it (Cause always) lookin' back
    Won't help a thing
    So leave the good, leave the bad,
    And the in between I'm gonna do what's right for me


    It may not be easy
    Cause at its best, life is still hard
    But he is with me, And I am not alone
    So, I'm not afraid...

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