• David Crowder Band - O Praise Him
    From the album Illuminate

    Turn your ear
    To heaven and hear
    The noise inside
    The sound of angel's awe
    The sound of angel's songs
    And all this for a King
    We could join and sing
    All to Christ the King

    How constant, how divine
    This song of ours will rise
    O how constant, how divine
    This love of ours will rise
    Will rise

    O Praise Him
    O Praise Him
    He is Holy
    He is Holy (yeah)

    Turn your gaze
    To heaven and raise
    A joyous noise
    O the sound of salvation come
    The sound of rescued ones
    And all this for a King
    Angels join to sing
    All for Christ our King

    Oh la, la, la, la, la, la

    How infinite and sweet
    This love so rescuing
    O how infinitely sweet
    This great love that has redeemed
    As one we sing

    He is Holy
    He is Holy (yeah)

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