• TobyMac's "I Just Need U" Song Story & Official Audio (Only) Video

    Tuesday, January 30, 2018

    In this Behind The Music, TobyMac reveals some of his personal experiences with loneliness and counting on things that will never satisfy...

    I don't know how it happens but somehow, or other, the world tricks us into thinking it's going to satisfy us. And, it happens to me over and over again. The very things that I think will satisfy me, fail me. How can I wake up with a house full of beautiful kids but still wake up heavy-hearted, wake up lonely?” - TobyMac

    Listen for the creative way he weaves words from Psalm 23 into the lyrics: 

    TobyMac performs "I Just Need U" during the Hits Deep Tour beginning January 30, 2018.



    Hillsong Worship's "Prince Of Heaven" Song Story & Acoustic Performance

    Thursday, December 07, 2017

    "We are really passionate about the idea ... about Christmas music being also worshipful. Because the whole premise of Christmas inspires worship." - Brooke (Fraser) Ligertwood

    In this Behind the Music, Brooke and Michael of Hillsong Worship perform an acoustic version of their new Christmas song "Prince Of Heaven" and then talk about how the lyrics and song's premise came together.

    And, if you're interested in hearing Michael's tips for playing "Prince Of Heaven" on guitar - make sure to watch the segment to the end.

    For more Christmas music 24/7 check out the Air1 Christmas Player.

    Blanca's "Real Love" Song Story & Official Music Video

    Tuesday, October 24, 2017

    In her recently released video: Blanca - Story Behind The Song "Real Love,Blanca invites us to learn more about her life, emotions and the moments where she encountered God, while writing her new song "Real Love." 

    She begins with these words...

    "So, the last year or so has been a pretty challenging year, I've gone through, definitely, some valleys. And, a lot of people may know, my mom was sick and she passed away in December. So, there was a lot, kind of, I was having to work through for this new season. So I entered writing a new record, which is a very exciting time, none the less; but, I definitely had a lot on my heart and a lot that I wanted to talk about."

    Blanca continues her story by sharing a vignette from one of her writing sessions with a fellow songwriter - Emily.  Check out these videos to hear that account, plus the rest of the song story, and to watch her performance of the song "Real Love":

    And now for the performance: 

    "In everything that I do. Every song that I write. Every time I step on a stage. Every time I'm trying to be a mother to my son or a good wife to my husband - it's not about me trying to be perfect. But, it's about me accepting this is who I am, who God's made me. And, His love is more than enough, for me. So, this is real love..." - Blanca