• Kari Jobe "Let Your Glory Fall" Song Story

    Thursday, May 04, 2017
    “He says in His Word He wants to come back for a pure and spotless Bride.” - Kari Jobe

    Kari Jobe's song “Let Your Glory Fall” from her album The Garden (2016) stemmed from a dream she had involving an old church and clean, pure moving water...

    Mandisa: The Story Behind Her New Song "Unfinished"

    Monday, May 01, 2017

    “I want to encourage you with this too: Even if you mess up, time and time again. It's not how many times you fall down - it's how many times you get back up. So, don't wallow in fear and negativity. Trust that your God is still working, that you're not a mess, that you're not a failure, that you're not a mistake. You're just unfinished.” - Mandisa



    Look for Mandisa's newest album Out Of The Dark to release on Friday, May 19. In the meantime, check out this performance video: