• Casting Crowns "One Step Away" Behind The Music

    Friday, November 4, 2016

    Casting Crowns' new song "One Step Away" is all about how freedom in Jesus is closer to us than we tend to look. Mark Hall says this about trying to return to times of closeness to God that we have experienced in the past:

    "We're not miles away from this old person that we used to be; we're one step away from Jesus, who will take us just like we are."

    Dig deeper into Mark's thoughts and writing process in this Story Behind the Song: 

    Crowder "My Victory" Behind The Music

    Friday, October 28, 2016

    "Recording 'My Victory' was unlike anything I've ever participated in."

    In this Behind the Music, Crowder talks about the journey of how the song " My Victory” came to him.  He admits he spent more time on this project than usual.

    “For me it was a blast to have such a lengthy amount of time to discuss what the intent and importance of the song was, and to have a line as stunning as 'the cross meant to kill is my victory.' The thing that was meant for death turns into a thing meant for life.”

    Take a look at how Crowder wrestled over a few of these lyrics, eventually landing on what the message of the song truly is. 

    “Hey - it doesn't matter what space of life you're coming from. It doesn't matter what your activities or career choices may be. The cross of Christ is historic and covers; and, that's where the story changes." Crowder continues, "Sure enough, Jesus comes for all of us and that's the song.”