• Tauren Wells: The story behind his new song "Known"

    Tuesday, November 20, 2018

    To be fully known and loved by God is a sentiment we all desire, if we're honest. For Tauren Wells, it's a reality he writes about in his song, “Known.”

    “It's probably the most important song that I've ever been a part of,” Tauren reveals. “For me, it's just been a doorway for God teaching me some really important things that I need to learn. And one of those is that image is overrated.”

    Image is a hard thing for a Christian artist to grapple with. How does one glorify God with their art when people want to glorify you? When Tauren was originally part of vocal group Royal Tailor, he asked this question, and decided he was better suited to serving full-time in his church back home in Texas. “Honestly, I just love the local church,” he says. “I love serving in the local church, and that is a worthwhile cause to give your life to. And so I was pretty content with that.”

    That's when God decided to jump-start his solo career...

    “It's been cool to see that once I got to a place where I was willing to lay it down - what I had been holding so tightly to - that God really blessed me with opportunities I never thought possible,” Tauren shares.

    Those opportunities include multiple hit singles at radio and four GMA Dove Awards, including the coveted trophy for New Artist of the Year. Yet, like the message behind his song, “Known,” Tauren knows the accolades don't mean much if he's not following God's call.

    “As grateful as I am for the pictures and all of these trophies, this doesn't matter as much as what's happening inside of my heart,” Tauren asserts. “God knows those things, and in the midst of all of my brokenness and imperfection, in the midst of all of His knowledge of me, He still loves me. That is the heart of 'Known,' and I think that's why it's connected with so many people.”

    Known” is found on Tauren's full-length debut album, Hills and Valleys.

    Hawk Nelson "Never Let You Down" Song Story

    Friday, November 02, 2018
    Here's some straight up encouragement for YOU from Hawk Nelson's Jonathan Steingard in this Behind The Music for "Never Let You Down"...

    "We are so used to being loved by how we look or how we dress or how well we follow a list of rules. And, that is not how God loves us. We can count on Him no matter who we are, no matter where we're at in life and no matter what our story is." - Jonathan, Lead Singer

    "All these questions
    Without answers
    Feeling restless and abandoned 
    Will You hear my call
    Will You be there when I fall

    You say, all of this time and I've never let you down
    I carried you then, I'll carry you here and now
    So don't lose heart and don't forget
    My work in you ain't finished yet
    Hold onto Me now, I'll never let you down
    I'll never let you down"
    - Lyrics from "Never Let You Down (feat. Hunter and Tara)"

    The guys got creative with their lyric video, check it out:

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    TobyMac: The Story Behind His New Song "Everything"

    Wednesday, October 10, 2018

    "Lord, I see You in everything, all day 
    And every beat of my heart keeps reminding me 
    I see You in every little thing, all day 
    No matter where I go I know Your love is finding me...
    "Lyrics from "Everything" by TobyMac

    In this Behind The Music TobyMac talks about how God didn't settle for showing him just "something" to craft a song from. Instead, God showed him  "Everything"...

    "I walked in the studio that day with a fresh song to write. Yep, a new song in my heart. And, I'm gonna fight to keep looking for God in everything, all day." - TobyMac, "Everything"

    With this song story fresh in your mind, take a look at the Official Music Video for "Everything." In it, TobyMac uses some cool imagery to express the opportunity we have to see God in 'every little thing, all day'. The ending is especially touching...

    Get TobyMac's new albumThe Elements  featuring "Everything."

    What was your experience with the song story and official music video for "Everything"?  We'd love to hear your story...