“We are a youth ministry by name, but by identity we are a people who have found hope, salvation, joy, forgiveness and a future in Jesus Christ. Our songs are the overflow of our hearts and a reflection of life in Jesus” - Young & Free 

From the youth ministry at Hillsong Church in Sydney, Australia - the same church behind UNITED - comes a group with a new kind of pop-driven worship music aiming to appeal to a new generation - Young & Free!

The band consists of worship leaders Laura Toggs, Melodie Wagner, Alexander Pappas, Taya Smith, Ben Tan, Aodhan King, and more. We use the term band loosely though because to constrain them to that definition would be misleading: 

“Young & Free is more than a label, it is also our message and mission to give voice to this generation and to give our youth an identity. God is calling a generation who will rise up, and who will know deep and unending joy in Jesus Christ." says Laura Toggs, Hillsong's youth pastor and team leader for Young & Free. "This is a generation called to stand strong in their youth and in their freedom, refusing to allow others to dismiss them for their age. Songs arising from Young & Free are unlike anything that we have ever done before, and we believe that through them young people will find life and deep, unending joy in Jesus. We are the voice of this generation."

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