TobyMac (aka Toby McKeehan) is a singer/songwriter, producer and author. Born and raised in Arlington, Virginia, Toby was exposed to a variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds, all of which influence his music.



He first developed a relationship with God as a teen and, because of his personal experiences, is especially passionate about reaching out to young people. “What inspires me is trying to (help youth) pursue faith in an angry world . . . Everything you do is challenged in every way - challenged at its roots,” he says. “I love music and I love the youth culture... I love putting messages in music that moves me. I write about my life's experiences - the pain, the struggles, and the victories.”

Toby is now a pioneer in the music industry; however, getting there is the fruit of hard work and reliance on God. In the 80's, Toby met Michael Tait and Kevin Max while attending Liberty University. Toby and Michael even shared a dorm room for a while. Shortly after a performance at their university, where they received positive feedback, they formed the history making band dc Talk.

After dc Talk decided to take a hiatus, Toby released his first solo debut Momentum (2001) which featured the hit song “Get This Party Started.” Since then, Toby has released a slew of solo albums with songs including: "Feel It (feat. Mr. TalkBox)," "Steal My Show," Speak Life," " Lose My Soul," "Made To Love," and City On Our Knees."

Toby's latest album This Is Not A Test (2015) preaches a positive Christ-centered message with songs like "Love Broke Thru," " Backseat Driver (feat Hollyn, Tru)" and "Til The Day I Die (feat. NF)". The album continues the work he began years ago of sharing Jesus in a fun, thought provoking way, while helping new artists get their start. And, in the case of "Love Feels Like" it's not new artist vocals we get to experience; instead, it's a reunion, of sorts, of TobyMac and his dc Talk bandmates - Michael and Kevin. Long anticipated, worth the wait!

In addition to honing his own craft, Toby writes and produces for other artists including Jamie Grace and Mandisa. He co-founded Gotee Records in 1994 after working with Out of Eden to find a label deal. It's a side of the business he's enjoys "It's about finding artists who are unique, and who are passionate,” Toby says. “We like to sign artists and walk through the development process with them and help them develop their artistry and watch them begin to bloom as artists. We try to help put some hands and feet on this vision God has given them for their artistry.”

Toby lives with his wife, Amanda, in Franklin, Tennessee. They have five children.

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