• Tenth Avenue North - The First Christmas (feat. Zach Williams) Lyrics

    From the album Decade The Halls

    No room in the inn
    No toys by the tree
    No lights no presents
    No snow no Bing
    the First Christmas
    the first Christmas
    But we finally got what we need
    The first Christmas
    In a dirty little stable in Bethlehem
    Mary and Joseph had nothing
    But the light of the world
    Came down from heaven
    The shepherds and the maji
    Came-a-running just to meet Him
    Hallelujah the angels sang,
    That first Christmas

    No stockings on the mantle
    parades or movies
    No Santa no cookies
    No office parties
    The First Christmas
    That First Christmas
    But the world we got what we need
    The First Christmas

    No special cup from Starbucks
    Or shopping online
    But with Jesus in the manger
    They were doing just fine
    the First Christmas
    the First Christmas
    'cause we finally got what we need
    The First Christmas

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    Writer(s): Mike Donehey, Jason Jamison, Ruben Juarez, Jeff Owen, Brendon Shirley