• Tedashii - Gotta Live (feat. Jordan Feliz) Lyrics

    From the album Gotta Live (Single)

    I want it like I need to breathe
    Make it clear like I need to see

    As a kid, mama told me sky's the limit
    Till you hit it
    Like Ken Griffey to the fences
    Outta there

    Out the park, hit and run, that's my drive
    It's a vibe, been the way, all my life

    Shut it down when I shine with the truth
    Yeah I ride with the truth
    Gave my life to the truth

    Walk on water like the Son of Man understand, I'll never drown
    Take a hit and never quit
    Might be down but never out

    There are days that I fail
    And the trains off the rail
    Through the pain we prevail
    Tell ‘em you just gotta live (I gotta live)

    Keep on
    Living till there's nothing left
    Lean on
    We need you like there's no one else
    Ain't nobody out here more like you
    And with you, they broke the mold and ain't no more like you
    That's for sure!

    I can't drop out like the top down on the coupe
    Tell ‘em watch out when I walk I'm making move

    Sunday morning with my hands up
    Like they got the handcuffs
    Searching for some answers
    Since mama passed from cancer

    And my sister left Seattle with a one way ticket home
    Hope she holding Chase and teaching him to speak Samoan

    Gotta keep going
    Yeah that's all they told me
    Tell 'em you can make it
    When you know the One and Only

    Publishing: Unashamed Music (ASCAP), Songs by Tuma Harris /SEJCO Publishing (BMI), Zach Paradis Publishing (ASCAP), Christopher Howland Publishing (BMI), CentricSongs (SESAC) (admin. at CapitolCMGPublishing.com)

    Writer(s): Tedashii Anderson, Lasanna Harris, Zach Paradis, Chris Howland and Jordan Feliz