• Social Club Misfits - War Cry Lyrics

    From the album Into The Night

    I thought by now I would get it
    His love for me is unmeasured
    Still feel like I could do better
    Was paralyzed by depression
    But Heaven and earth came together
    And You came to my rescue
    I'll use my voice as a weapon
    On earth like it's in Heaven
    I never handled things too well
    But I was made to fly not to fail
    I don't need man's approval
    When God sent me to bring Heaven down for the kids going through Hell
    We gonna make it
    I don't care what the world's been saying
    It's time to step up not cave in
    The grace He gave us, amazing
    A love that can conquer the hatred
    But it's up to us
    A new generation to show His love
    From the ends of the earth till the day He comes

    This is our war cry
    We'll rise up, we'll rise up
    And this is our time to rise up, to rise up
    Rise up

    We turned a stage to an altar at the last show
    Something about when you know you're being impactful
    Using the tools I was given but being tactful
    Went from the pit, to raps inside of a Mac full
    With the powersize of a Mack truck
    I went through the hard times no bad luck
    Graduated cap, gown with the tassel
    Now I make art like Basil
    But I still keep it classic like a left eye rhyme, Big poppa like the bed sty guy
    Then I got the dirt off my shoulders like Jay in his prime
    I stood on my own two like the veterans taught
    If I ever lay down let it be for some rest
    And whenever I'm recharged let me be at my best
    So, whenever I'm pouring out all your love to the rest
    Now you can go and tell all the rest

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