• Satellites & Sirens - Anchor Lyrics

    From the album Satellites & Sirens

    You said open your eyes and
    I said I don't like surprises
    You said surprise your up to your knees in the water and don't have a life vest
    I know, I know, I know
    But don't worry I've got it figured out
    You said jump in the boat man
    I said no you reach your hand
    You said the storms that will come will be more than enough and alone you can not win
    You know, You know, You know
    Without hope you'll only sink not swim

    And the current here is stonger now, than I remember
    And I'm crying for you to help, please save me

    When I feel like I am drifting away
    Sinking down, the sands are shifting today
    I'm about to loose my way
    You Anchor me, Anchor me down
    Looking out the skies are turning to grey
    All around the tide is pulling away
    Just about to loose my way
    You Anchor me, Anchor me down

    You said whatever happens
    Don't get caught in the rapids
    Hold on I'm over the edge and I'm reaching for help cause I'm caught in the deep end
    I know, I know, I know
    What you said but I'm in over my head
    You said that I'm not alone here
    I said throw me a rope then
    I've had more then enough of the rain and the cold and I wanna give up and
    I know, I know, I know
    Without hope I'll only sink not swim