• Riley Clemmons - Better For It Lyrics

    From the album Better For It (Single)

    I wouldn't say I would've chosen it
    That time I hit the bottom and it hurt a little bit
    Funny how being down can make you look up
    But now I'm better for it

    All I could see in the moment was
    My heart and how it felt ripped open, I'll admit
    I found You down low in the brokenness
    And now I'm better for it

    I count it all as joy even when I'm in the flame
    Cause I know You always

    Gimme, gimme, gimme grace when I need it
    Hindsight 20/20, now I see that
    You let me be where I've been
    So I can be all that I am
    You gimme, gimme, gimme faith to believe that
    When it hurts, there's a real good reason
    You let me be where I've been
    So I can be all that I am
    Better for it

    Yeah, I used to think pain was a consequence
    But now I kinda think it might be the perfect gift
    You use to get me straight to You
    And I'm better for it

    I'm better cause I'll never have to be the way I would be
    Without You, without You

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    Writer(s): Riley Clemmons, Ben Glover, & Colby Wedgeworth