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    The band RED first came together in Nashville, Tennessee back in 2004. The band’s name represents their passion for people as well as music. “People ask what the name RED means and where we came up with it; it’s a power color, a very emotional thing,” lead singer Michael Barnes says. Read More

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    • Interview with Red part 1
      0 mins
    • Interview with Red part 2-on the new record and tour
      1 mins
    • Red- The Meaning Behind Faceless
      0 mins
    • The Middle Seat, The Fine Art of Smack Talking, A Hero in Texas, Charadio, The Creator Love Us, Non-
      32 mins
    • God and 'Nobodies', Day of Awesome, Brant and Bachelor Matt, Phrases My Family Uses, Trappings of Ch
      28 mins
    • School Uniforms, God's Timing, Forgiveness, Stop Eating Garbage, Save the Alien Planet, The Epic Bat
      33 mins
    • What's Wrong with Lecrae, Appearances, Jesus Will Draw People to Him, Lowest Sports Moment, CURE Int
      25 mins
    • Show Open, Squeezing Headphones, Marriage Advice, Brant's Martial Arts, Nahgmeh Abidini, Free Box of
      28 mins
    • Operation Warm, Accordion Worship, Save the Alien Planet, Brant Hanging on the Corner, "That" Is NOT
      31 mins
    • Beautiful Jesus, Kamikaze Karaoke, Truck Guy Problem, Wrong Song Lyrics, An R&B Apology, Club Awesom
      23 mins
    • You Be the Judge, Brant's Following Everyone, No Yelling, Grace vs. Karma,. Truck Guy Moving Chicken
      26 mins
    • Things NOT To Do For Mother's Day, Brant & RED, The Whole Earth is Filled With His Glory, What If Yo
      17 mins
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