Introducing Mosaic MSC, the worship music that carries the culture of Mosaic, a church in the heart of Los Angeles. Surrounded by the celebrity status and desperation that makes Tinseltown infamous, MSC gathers an anomaly of people declaring unapologetic love for their Creator. Led by MSC, these declarations are passionate and hopeful, intense and accessible. Free of clichés and religious jargon, the language of humanity's sacred songs floats on the wings of freedom offering peace and purpose where notoriety and fortune's promises fall short. 

This eclectic and vibrant church community has banded together in a variety of colors and backgrounds, with no shortage of ambition, questions and dreams. They seek to navigate the current culture while intersecting their faith and the creativity that brought them to this city in the first place. Out of their kaleidoscope of stories rises a collection of songs that connect the created to their Maker.

The Mosaic family has eagerly adopted the new worship, influenced by a variety of artists and genres. Shares Mariah, “Writing music for our church has changed its culture from not being a community that really connects with worship to a tribe of people that live for it and thrive on it. It's a lot different when your songs come from those who are in the trenches with you. There's more ownership of the things you're singing about because it makes sense for the environment you're in and the people with whom you share life.” Even now Mariah receives emails and messages from churches everywhere sharing their stories of impact that MSC's songs have had on their congregations. 

While building up the church, Mosaic authentically opens its arms to those who don't yet know Jesus. In the same way, MSC hopes to extend the same embrace through their songs.

The overflow of MSC's creativity is worship that is creating camaraderie between churches and extending a kind hand to those who rarely open themselves up to God. In a place like LA, where it is difficult to find community and easy to fall into loneliness, Mosaic rolls out the welcome rug and invites new friends to settle into a place and people of purpose. MSC's mission is similar though in a more figurative way.

“Our hope is that the music of MSC will be like kerosene igniting a fire in the hearts of millions across the world.” Concludes Erwin. “In the end everything we do is about connecting people to Jesus.  We know that worship opens the hearts of those who have closed their hearts to God.  We also know that worship causes our hearts to burn brighter and our love for God to grow deeper.  We hope that the music of MSC will be a gift to the church and a light to the world.”

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