• Moriah Peters

    Moriah Peters

    Moriah Peters' newest album features powerful songs inspired by one word - BRAVE. When asked about how making Brave impacted her own life, Moriah shares her personal story that inspired the song "Oh Fear (My God Is Near)"... Read More

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    • What is left to do, just pray
      2 mins
    • God is in control
      1 mins
    • "Just Pray" by Moriah Peters and Rhett Walker
      3 mins
    • Brant's Back, The NYC Subway, Not a "Sea of Faces" to God, "Facts Guy" at the Party, Cure Internatio
      32 mins
    • for KING & COUNTRY on Joel's engagement
      2 mins
    • Joel's proposal to Moriah Peters
      1 mins
    • Rock the Desert, Alien Planet, Women and Changing Hairstyles, Christians/Social Media/Zimmerman Verd
      24 mins
    • The Words Americans Want To Hear, The Orcale, Club Awesome, The World Leaves You Cold, I.Q. Points F
      17 mins
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