• Micah Tyler - Never Been A Moment Lyrics

    From the album Different

    I've been sinner
    I've been a saint
    A little bit of both every single day
    I've been lost
    But somehow I've been found
    There's been some pain
    Been some regret
    Been some moments
    I'll never forget
    But when I look back
    From where I'm standing now

    There's never been a moment
    I was not held inside Your arms
    There's never been a day when You were not who You say You are
    Yours forever, it don't matter
    What I'm walking through
    ‘Cause no matter where I'm going
    There's never been a moment That I was not loved by You

    You've been the rock
    You've been the peace
    Always showing Your good heart to me
    My days are marked by grace I don't deserve
    You've been the price I could never pay
    You've been the light that has led the way
    No matter where I am, I am sure

    So where could I go that I could wander from Your sight
    Where could I run and never leave behind
    Your all consuming
    Heart pursuing
    Grace extending
    Never ending love
    Your love
    There's never been a moment, no

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    Writer(s): Micah Tyler; Jeff Pardo