Texas native Micah Tyler is well-known thanks to his viral parody video “You Gotta Love Millennials.”

Early on as a husband and father, Micah provided for his family by driving a sausage delivery truck and working part-time as a youth pastor in Buna, Texas. Sensing a prompting from God to give more space to music, and with his wife's encouragement, he quit his job, sold about half of what they owned and moved into a small trailer so they could travel while he performed.

With no real connections in the music industry, Micah took these steps of faith out of obedience to God. Reflecting back he says, “I told the Lord, 'I don't know how to be a professional musician, but you've taught me to be faithful.' It was a daily decision to wake up every morning and stop worrying about tomorrow.”

Micah performed at youth, college and leadership conferences and was on the road around two-hundred days each year. Born in 1983 and a millennial himself, Micah's connection with his audience led him to create parodies and covers, including the video about millennial stereotypes for a church leaders conference.

Micah's new-found fame created some internal conflict about the 'branding' he wanted as an artist. Eventually,  the answers discovered while working through this conflict helped reveal the focus of his ministry and became the inspiration for his work:

“I want to live the music I'm writing. There are some songs I can't write because I haven't lived there yet. When someone comes up to me after a concert and tells me how my songs affected them, I want to make sure they know I can relate,” Micah says. 

While writing the song “Never Been a Moment” Micah realized just how much it reflected his experience with God...

"Every time that the Lord has called us to do something, He has chased those things with love. He has chased those things with grace and with goodness and so we know that there's never been a moment that He has not been for us and has [not] loved us and carried us through."


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