• MercyMe - Even If Lyrics

    From the album Lifer

    They say sometimes you win some
    Sometimes you lose some
    And right now
    Right now I'm losing bad

    I've stood on this stage
    Night after night
    Reminding the broken
    It'll be alright
    But right now
    Oh right now I just can't

    It's easy to sing
    When there's nothing to bring me down
    But what will I say
    When I'm held to the flame
    Like I am right now

    I know You're able
    And I know You can
    Save through the fire
    With Your mighty hand
    But even if You don't
    My hope is You alone

    They say it only takes a little faith
    To move a mountain
    Good thing
    A little faith is all I have right now

    But God when You choose
    To leave mountains unmovable
    Give me the strength
    To be able to sing
    It is well with my soul

    I know the sorrow
    I know the hurt
    Would all go away
    If You'd just say the word
    But even if You don't
    My hope is You alone

    You've been faithful
    You've been good
    All of my days
    Jesus, I will cling to You
    Come what may
    ‘Cause I know You're able
    I know You can

    It is well with my soul