A warm-hearted Contemporary Christian pop singer with a gentle laugh, gregarious smile, and moving melodic gift, Matty Mullins shares the hope of the Gospel on Unstoppable, a sophomore album as outwardly improbable as it was, in fact, spiritually inevitable. Unstoppable is a collection of songs full of joy and worship, anchored in authenticity and earnest truthfulness, unafraid to declare victory over real brokenness.  

Reflecting on the experiences that led him to craft two solo albums proclaiming a courageous faith, Matty says, “It was a season of my life where I was struggling a lot, but I was learning a lot at the same time. I had so many questions and as I dug deeper, God revealed the answers with profound clarity.”  

He gets to play music for a living. He's married to his high-school sweetheart, has tons of fans, a burgeoning hair product business and is surrounded by good-natured friends. Yet despite these gifts, Matty received an important supernatural reminder that fear and anxiousness can humble anybody, even the most steadfast of believers.  

A pastor's son from the Pacific Northwest who has made Nashville home, he deepened his own relationship and discipleship following a series of crippling panic attacks, anxiety, and chronic depression. The album's title track and lead single, Unstoppable(feat. Jordan Feliz), lays it all on the line, painting an evocative picture of the challenges facing the modern world, all defeated by a singular devotion. “Through the night, in the darkest times, I believe His light still shines,” the song declares with bold excitement. “This love is unstoppable.”

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