• Matthew West - When Love Comes Home Lyrics

    From the album Wouldn't Change A Thing - Single

    Too many miles, too many days
    Too many moonlights have danced across your face
    Without me holding you, oh how I wish I could
    But when love comes it will be for good

    Too many front lines too many wars
    Pictures of you remind me what I'm fighting for
    For our freedom I must see this through
    But when love comes home
    It will be to you

    I'm coming home
    Coming home
    So let the light inside you burn
    With hope of love's return
    I'm coming home

    For tear stained letters and the hard goodbyes
    For every Christmas that I wasn't by your side
    For all the lost time along the way (hear me say)
    (that) When love comes home it will be to stay

    I'm coming home
    Coming home
    So let the light inside you burn
    With hope of love's return
    I'm coming home

    And so this void inside my heart
    Will not be filled until I'm standing where you are
    And in that moment I walk through the door
    When you're in my arms
    It will hurt no more

    Love is courageous
    Love is strong
    Love is the legacy we leave when we are gone
    And when it's over ours will say
    When love came home
    It was worth the wait

    Love came home and it was worth the wait


    Inspired by the 2011 K-LOVE Next Great Love Song story submitted by Scott Horne from Cedar Park TX:

    "Jennifer, they say absence makes the heart grow fonder, and if that's true, then there is nothing fonder than my heart for you. We have been tested through, now, our second deployment, and retirement is close at hand. My heart aches for you every second of every day, and I don't know how to fill the emptiness I feel when I'm without you.

    The day we reunite will fill the current void in my heart, and I promise to never leave you again. 20 years I've given to my country, and when I return, the best of me will be given to you and the kids. I love you more than you could possibly know, and you have sacrificed so much over these past 11 plus years. I am so proud of the woman you are, and the woman you've had to become. You are gentle, strong and courageous, and have done an outstanding job with the kids in my absence.

    I could never had imagined the gift God was to give to me in you, and I am thankful to Him every day for your love and sacrifice. I don't know if you'll ever really realize how much joy you bring to my world. You are my Angel here on earth, and my incredible gift from the Lord above. Nothing comes close to the love we posses for one another. I love you Jennifer, and never want to live life without you."