• Matthew West - Come On, Christmas Lyrics

    From the album Unto Us: A Christmas Collection

    I left the lights up all year ‘round
    I just couldn't bear the thought of takin' ‘em down
    I've been singing “jingle bell rock” since July
    All the neighbors look at me like I'm crazy but I …
    I, got a feeling that I just can't shake
    You see it's lasted three hundred sixty-four days
    And now I'm too excited, I can't sleep a wink and
    I stare at the snow outside my window just thinkin'

    Come on, Christmas
    I don't know why you're taking so long Christmas
    Well, I've been waiting all year for you to get here
    And I can't take another second, can't you hear me beggin'
    Hurry up Santa Claus
    Here's my number just in case those reindeer get lost
    I sure wouldn't mind, if you're early this time
    So, come on, come on, come on Christmas

    Well, there's just something about this time of year
    You can feel the excitement in the air
    Everyone's hangin' with family and friends
    And it's making you feel like a kid once again
    Steal a kiss under the mistletoe
    While old Bing sings, “let it snow, let it snow”
    The only thing that's left on my Christmas list is
    I'm hopin' to catch a peek of old' St. Nick

    Hearts are racing all around the world
    Smiling faces on the boys and girls
    Waiting just to hear those sleigh bells ring
    Singing, come on, Christmas do your thing

    Publishing: © 2011 Atlas Music Publishing / Highly Combustible Music (ASCAP)

    Writer: Matthew West