English singer, songwriter, and author Matt Redman has been leading listeners into worship since he was 15-years-old. As a teenager, Matt played at St. Andrews church in Chorleywood, and shortly after came along side Mike Pilavachi to help start up the Soul Survivor festivals. At the age of twenty, Matt was a worship leader full-time and began performing in countries all across the globe- including, South Africa, India, Japan, Australia, Uganda, Czech Republic, Germany, and Croatia.

Known for songs such as, “Blessed Be Your Name,” “Better is One Day,” “The Heart of Worship,” and “You Never Let Go,” Matt continues to touch listeners with 10,000 Reasons (2011), featuring the song, “10,000 Reasons (Bless The Lord).”

“This song was born 18 months ago in a tiny little chapel in the UK,” he says. “Last week I heard from worship leaders as far away as Kenya and Mongolia singing it. It reminds me that as worshipers of Jesus Christ we're essentially all one huge global choir, unified in our worship of him.” He continues, “There's something that happens in the worshiping, singing church that you don't find anywhere else on the face of the earth.”

Matt, his wife, and their children moved to Atlanta from the UK, to be a part of the planting Passion City Church in Georgia, joining the likes of Chris Tomlin, and Louis and Shelley Giglio who founded the church. Upon moving to Atlanta, Matt was in the house alone which gave him time to think about his life. From there, Matt wrote the song “Never Once,” a single off the album 10,000 Reasons. “I began to write it in Atlanta on my first visit back since our family returned to the UK. Our house in Atlanta hadn't sold, and the song started out in the empty, echoey kitchen—just me, my guitar, a few chords, and some very solid truth about our God,” he says. “Transition is always tough, and I was thinking through the journey of the last few years—all the joys and struggles. I had a very real sense of God's immense kindness and faithfulness over every page of my life. Jason Ingram and Tim Wanstall, two great friends and songwriters, jumped in to work with me to finish the song.” 

Besides making music, Matt has also written a variety of books, which center around worship, including- The Heart of Worship Files, Inside-Out Worship, Blessed Be Your Name, The Unquenchable Worshiper, and his latest, Mirror Ball.  “The book encourages people to get a new confidence in their lives – a bold and bright outlook that God can use us in our daily surroundings. That will require patience, passion and perseverance – but we need to get a bright-thinking optimistic outlook that He will use us, as we hang in there,” he explains. “Sometimes we have no clue just how much God is doing as we sow daily in our workplaces, homes, or places of study. The book also looks at the link between worship and social justice, and what a wonderful and powerful force for God we can be as the church when we work together.”

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