• Manic Drive - Good Times Lyrics

    From the album Epic

    Back in the day when life was easy
    All I needed was friends and a TV
    I was young and I never worried
    A suburb kid in the 1990's
    Trusted You and I always believed
    Always knew You'd be right there for me
    Just a kid with a little faith
    Only the thought of You makes me feel this way

    You got me smiling
    Like I'm a child again
    Like I was back in grade school
    You got me feeling brand new
    Ya just the thought of You
    Reminds me of the good times
    Grass stained blue jeans
    Hyper with ADHD
    Back when my life was free
    Reminds me of the good times

    Making ruckus like I do in the school yard
    Compared to then this life seems so hard
    No need to dress to impress
    I was happy back then to look like a mess and
    Ride teenage mutant skateboards
    Rocking my fanny pack of marbles
    Ya I know when all this ends
    I'll look you in the eyes and be young again


    Oh, when I go to remember of the good times

    Chorus X3