Canadian rock band Manic Drive was first formed back in 2004 by brothers Michael Cavallo and Shawn Cavallo. The Cavallos- who began singing at the early ages of eight and nine- always knew music was in their future. “We loved music so much when we were little kids that we started writing, performing and even recording at the age of eight and nine,” says Shawn Cavallo. “While my brother and I were growing up, our relationship with God and our music kind of grew together. So, we've always used music to communicate God's love to people.”

After receiving interest from a record label, they released Reason for Motion in May 2005, which included the songs, “Luckiest,” “Nebulous,” and “Memories.” Over the last several years, the band has released a variety of albums including, Reset and Rewind (2007), Blue (2009), Epic (2009), and VIP (2014). These albums brought a slew of songs to audiences including, “Halo,” “Good Times,” “Walls,” and "VIP (feat. Manwell Reyes).” 

The guys aim to encourage listeners to challenge themselves in all aspects of their lives. “The main focus for Manic Drive from an artistic perspective is to challenge ourselves creatively pushing beyond our previous limitations, trying new ideas and ultimately landing on something that will be fun to experience live as well as on an iPod.” Shawn says, “We hope every Manic Drive release will be refreshing to our fans as we continue to grow artistically as a band, and we definitely hope our lyrics resonate with people, challenging them to take a stand in faith to impact the world around them.”

Besides making music, Manic Drive has teamed up with Compassion International- something the band is incredibly proud of and passionate about. “Our relationship with Compassion International has been both an honor and a blessing. Teaming up with Compassion has given Manic Drive a tangible way to live what we sing; it's given us a new and expanded purpose for touring. Spreading the awareness of children suffering, taking action on it and truly seeing lives changed has really put things in perspective for us as a band,” Michael says. “We are thrilled to see our generation take action and volunteer to sponsor children at our shows. We have sponsored a child for years through Compassion International and are excited to now include our fans in what we do as a band.”

The band hopes with their music, that people will be inspired to stand up for their faith in a world where doing the right thing may not be the most popular choice. “In our songwriting we talk about the issues of standing up for your faith and being bold in your walk with Christ,” says Shawn. “We are very personal and real when it comes to discussing hard relationships and the loss of loved ones. We cover a number of difficult issues, but we always remain hopeful knowing our faith is in Christ. Ministry comes first as we strive to encourage each other, especially in our walk with God.”

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